Giving back to community!

Join us with this effort to help a senior family to rehab their house to make it a home again. This is their story:

In, July of 2014 the Brame family discovered a pipe had burst in their home, resulting in a major plumbing issue. After securing several bids and receiving approval from their insurance company, a contractor was hired. Initially he required one-half payment upfront with the balance at completion; but later insisted on full payment due to the expense of supplies. He tore down walls, kitchen cabinetry, and the ceiling where he discovered mold and asbestos. Instead of stopping and getting an expert to come in (required by law); he pulled it all down himself. As a result, the asbestos infiltrated the entire house. The family (two of which are asthmatics) had to immediately evacuate the house during the period of removal. They had to stay in a hotel for 20 weeks, which profoundly depleted their finances. The original contractor kept the money and never returned. The plumbing issue affected their septic tanks and they had to connect with the city system…incurring an additional $4,000. They remained in the hotel as the inspectors prevented them from returning. Ultimately the expenses depleted their finances and savings and they were forced to return to the home.

Now the home has floors with bare wood with no covering, the walls lack sheet rock and ceiling rafters are exposed. There is no insulation in the house so it remains damp and cold. The house has rats, mice, spiders and other insects with no sheetrock or insulation to prevent their entry. The HVAC system is broken down and must be replaced asap.

The house went into foreclosure, but they got it out with Chapter 13. The health of the entire family has been impacted, resulting in additional medical bills. One of their friends who owns a reputable real estate business, who has helped many get into their dream homes, and rehabbed many properties has agreed to help finish the rehab work in the property to help make it a home where they can live comfortably again. He is only charging the materials cost and minimal labor fee to cover his crew's salary.

Click here to see the total rehab budget:

We need your kind donations to make this a possibility. Thank you in advance for your generosity."

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Lawrence & BettyBrame 919-599-6317

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