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We are a Premier Home Buyer in the Triangle area. We use creative financing strategies to provide sellers with secured purchase terms at top dollar for their property(ies) without paying any commissions or closing costs! 

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Sell Your Home at Full Price

Life has a way of coming at us full speed and if we are not prepared, things get confusing and often times scary. Here at First Fruits Investments we are here to help alleviate the countless situations that homeowners face by giving you a great overview of your options.  Sometimes the best course of action is to sell and sell fast.  But that doesn't always mean for cash.  We are here to help you, not to harm you! Let us take a look and get a full overview of your current situation and needs before giving you a one-size fits all offer.


Turn Your Home into Income

Have you ever considered Seller Financing? This is a way to turn your home into a monthly income stream while you are selling even if you still have an existing mortgage!.