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How we buy houses

Regardless of the reason you are selling your house, if you're flexible on price or terms, we can make you a fast and fair offer to buy your house.

When you accept our offer, there will be no more waiting to see "when" or "if" your house will sell or for "how much". There are several different ways we can buy your house. We can pay all cash, provide you with a cash down payment or take over your mortgage payments and pay you for your equity over time. Either way, you'll have the "peace of mind" you need to put your home selling worries behind you once and for all! Whatever the situation, our team of knowledgeable Real Estate professionals can help. Our offers can be as follows.


1) All Cash Offer, Simple and fast debt relief. We buy your house for all cash. When we buy this way we generally have to buy the house at a significant discount and on “AS IS” condition. This method can take as little as 5 days depending on the title search. It provides you with “IMMEDIATE DEBT RELIEF”, no closing costs, and no worries about any repairs that your house may need.


2) Take Over Payments – This is the fastest way to sell your house. We agree to purchase your house with the existing financing you already have in place on your house. In most instances we can make up back payments and make all your monthly payments when due in a timely manner. We pay all closing costs.


3) Owner Financing – If the house is free and clear with no mortgage, we may need you to owner finance us at an agreed sales price and terms with monthly income payments to you and a balloon payment pay off in the future in order for us to be able to help you.


4) Lease with the option to Purchase – Your situation may prove that the best solution to your real estate challenges are for us to lease your house in our perfect tenant / buyer program. We make or take over your monthly payments and we take responsibility for all repairs and maintenance on the home. With this program we would put a tenant / buyer in the house until they qualify for a new loan of their own.


5) Option to Purchase – If none of the other options will work for you, we would sign an option with you that would give us the right to buy your house at an agreed sales price in a specified time period. This is a bit slower method but we have had great success with it.

These are just a few of our real estate solution to the day to day real estate challenges that we see frequently. Your solution may be completely different.

Here are just some of the many benefits you can expect to receive:

1) If you need fast debt relief, we can help ease the burdens of your debt by taking over your mortgage payments.

2) If your house is free and clear and has no mortgage, we can make monthly cash payments to you for your equity.

3) If you must have cash immediately, we can provide you with an upfront payment and then pay you the remainder     of your equity in payments or when we re-sell the house.

4) If you have no equity in your home, we may still be able to take over your payments and give you instant debt relief.

5) If you're behind on your house payments or about to be, we can take over your monthly mortgage payments, and provide you with immediate debt relief.

6) If you're being transferred or relocating, going through a divorce, tired of being a landlord, don't want to continue making two house payments or have an unwanted house that just won't sell, we can offer you a variety of solutions to purchase your home quickly regardless of your situation or reason for selling. We provide creative, win-win real estate solutions for all our clients and want to do the same for you!

7) If your house needs extensive or minor repairs, we can buy it "AS IS" in its present condition regardless of what kinds of repairs it needs. We buy houses in any condition so you don't have to make any tedious and costly repairs to sell your home!

8) If you need to close fast, we have all the team players in place to close on the purchase of your home as quickly as possible. Our attorneys handle all the paperwork so we can close when you need us to. We can close in days or weeks depending on your needs. This means you won't have to worry about the details of the closing and will be able to move exactly when you want to!

9) If you are looking for a fast, fair, friendly and flexible sale of your home, you've come to the right place! We will always treat you with the utmost respect and courtesy.

10) To get started now, please call or complete the Confidential Property Information Form as accurately and thoroughly as possible. Thank You, and we look forward to helping you.

Privacy is of the greatest concern for us. Your information will only be viewed by professionals associated with our firm. All of the information is not required but the more details you provide, the more options we can give you!

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