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Help People Realize Their Dream Home Ownership Through Secured Returns

Become a Jirehtech Homes lender and join our mission to contribute to the economic rejuvenation of the Triangle Area

It's true! Being a private money lender in North Carolina, can consistently earn you safe, secured returns on your money, and the best part is I am willing to do all the hard work for you. Take action today and learn why wealthy moguls have been "parking" their money in private mortgage loans and earning fantastic returns hard to find anywhere else without taking on too much risk! Here are just some of the benefits of lending private money in NC to a savvy real estate investor like me:

  •  Your Money Is Secured By Real Estate Purchased At HUGE Discounts

  •  You Know The Exact Returns You Will Be Earning (No Guessing)

  •  Insurance On The Properties You Lend On Make Your Investment Safe

  •  Terms, & Amount Of Money Needed For Our Programs Is Flexible

  •  I Am An Experienced Investor With A System For Purchasing And Selling Houses

   Private Lenders usually acquire funds from:

  1. Certificates of Deposit

  2. Money Market Accounts

  3. Savings Accounts

  4. Investment Capital

  5. IRA and Retirement Accounts

  6. Home Equity Lines

  7. Brokerage Accounts

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